Square State Spring Break Camp Day 1 (3/27) $80.00


Square State Skate provides skateboard instruction and guidance for children of all ages, allowing your youngsters’ skills, passion and personality to grow in a safe, fun environment.  We are fully committed to the entire skateboard community and are open to ALL children, regardless of age, race, gender or skill level.

We have programs running year round, including Saturday Sessions!  We also have Full Day Skate Camps on most days when BVSD is out of school, including Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Spring Break and In Service Days. Click on the registration tab to be directed to our different locations.

At Square State Skate, we have more experience engaging youth, directing programs and time on a skateboard than any other program around. Our commitment to the community and to the children is paramount and our techniques are unmatched when it comes to helping kids grow and learn, both on and off of their skateboard.  

After all, “anyone can learn tricks… we focus on the kids!”