Square State May 25th Full Day Camp (Friday) $16.00


  • Learn how to be safe while having fun on your skateboard!
  • We welcome skaters of all skill levels. 
  • We will work on everything from learning how to stand and roll on your skateboard to challenging yourself with learning tricks. 
  • Build up to advanced park riding as we explore all of the different features of the amazing local skateparks. 
  • We will skate together, play some skate related games, have trick clinics, learn about skateboarding history, and enjoy the unique and active skateboarding community.
  • Drop-off is 8:30am and a 3:30pm Pick-up
  • This camp is running Monday thru Friday
  • Ages 5-15
  • Come with skateboard, helmet, pads (recommended), lunch, water bottle and sunscreen
FULL PRICE IS $80.00 per day $16.00/$70.00 Is only a place holder/reservation